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Laura who-lip?

I’m Laura Tulip, a 25-year-old British writer, both as a hobby and a profession. Here I am, on my very own personal website documenting my life, as an outlet and for your amusement. It’s essentially a diary you have permission to read.

What of it?

Life can be dull so let me entertain you. You will find a variety of topics around here from internet dating to gutting a fish. Perhaps my solo travel diaries and memoirs will tickle your fancy; how about living in an Australian cupboard? Apparently posting about my lifestyle would categorise me as a “lifestyle blogger” but I think that sounds rubbish. I call it entertainment because I’d only post about a shopping trip if I picked up something hexed, haunted or smelling suspiciously like carrots.

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Let us connect!

If you have any suggestions for improvement or would like me to write anything for you, please get in contact using the form on the Contact page. Alternatively, you can message me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lauratulipsays/

If you would like to connect with me professionally, you can do so at www.linkedin.com/in/lauratulip/