Laura who-lip?

Laura Tulip is who I am: a 26-year-old British writer. I travelled solo around the world and kept some diaries which I started posting as blogs in 2016. Now I post about experiences of all kinds and since I pretty much live for humour, humour is featured in all my posts.

All experiences make for writing opportunities. Even if I don’t exclusively write about something I’ve done or somewhere I’ve been, a new experience is a new insight or an anecdote in the bank.

Pass several tissues

I used to be a bit negative but now I’m not (unless I discover I’ve been walking around with my jacket tucked into the back of my knickers. Then I’m furious.) I would have filled with rage when I entered a conversation about the weather when we all know fine well no one cares about anyone’s observation of the progression of rain over the last few days. I eventually decided to take some personal responsibility for my own attitude and got over it.

One solitary medal please

I now accept that conversations regarding the weather aren’t going away any time soon and to embrace them for all of their hilarity, which is just as well because it turned out that frequent discussions regarding the weather is not exclusive to Britain. Life still fills me with rage from time to time but I can spell my name with Alphabetti spaghetti so does it really matter?